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and welcome to my little corner of the world.

I'm Tatiana, the owner and creative designer of Sugarluxe Baking Co. LLC.  I've always had a love for desserts, design, gifting and all things pretty.  I honestly can't remember a point in life where I wasn't spending my free time pouring over decorating books, wrapping the perfect present or trying to come up with new treats in the kitchen.  After years of being asked to take care of these areas for friends and family, I finally decided to combine my passions into a business and well... here we are!  


In 2017 I established Sugarluxe Baking Co. LLC and started working on a part time bases, as my corporate job would allow.  Since then, I have grown my client base, my family, and been blessed with the opportunity to take things full time.  I absolutely love being a part of so many special parties, weddings and corporate events.  


Here you will find more than just a list of pricing or business details. You'll also find dessert and design inspo, party tips and gifting ideas.  You'll learn a few tricks of the trade and hopefully be inspired to go out and celebrate! 





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